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January 16th 2022

Mid-Florida Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

Ariel attended the Royal Canin Championship AKC show! Happy to announce she won her group, best open ruby bitch in the mid Florida specialty


November 19th-20th 2022

Newfoundland (All Breed) Kennel Club

Bridgette (Stelwen Kiss me Im Irish) Results: 

- Saturday:

  • 1 Best of breed over specials 

  • Group 4th (Under judge Joe Lobb)

  • 2 Best Puppy in Breed

- Sunday:

  • 2 Best of Breed

Bridgette is half way through her championship in one weekend at just over 6 months old!


August 19th-21st, 2022

Cavalier King Charles Club of Canada

- Ariel Best of Breed at the Canadian National Speciality! Ariel made the final cut all three days (two regional shows) in a beautiful line up of specials. Ariel also won reserve best puppy of the year for three years combined due to covid. We are so honoured and grateful for this girl 

- Sully also tagged along for the National and Regional specialities. Unfortunately there were no other males in his class however he got some great feedback! 

Judge Karen Mills Heron comments: 

"Lovely B/T with elegant, sound movement going and coming. Straight Shiny black coat. Nice size" 


July 26-27th, 2022

Avalon All Breed Kennel Club Shows

Ariel (GCh. Stelwen Saltwater Joys) Results: 

- Saturday:

  • 2 Best of breed

  • Group 2nd (Under judge Sandy Gelinas)

- Sunday:

  • 2 Best of Breed

  • Group 2nd (Under judge Glen Stark)

  • Group 3rd (Under Judge Thomas Alexander)

Ariel has finished her Grand Championship


April 4th, 2022

Newfoundland All Breed Kennel Club Shows

Ariel (Ch. Stelwen Saltwater Joys) Results: 

- Saturday: 2 Best of breed, Group 2nd and Group 4th (total of 7 points) 

- Sunday: Select and Best of opposite (total of 2 points) 

Ariel is almost halfway to her Grand Championship after just one weekend!) 

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